TCRC is dedicated to restorative approaches in battling the effects of mass incarceration upon individuals, families and the community.

TCRC embraces:

  • a culture of hard work,
  • family responsibility,
  • community involvement,
  • ethical behavior
  • social consciousness                                                                                                                               TCRC is not for everyone.  It is for those who are dedicated to the concept of transformation, those who want to support their families, embrace their communities, successfully transition  and never return to prison again.
TCRC accomplishes its mission through programs that:
  • mentor & provide counseling for the children of incarcerated parents
  •  administer an after-school drop in program to assist parents in providing educational opportunities and social advancement to their At-risk children
  • provide social & educational opportunities for At-risk youth in the community
  • assist citizens returning from prison, both male and female, & those who have been home for various times periods but are still suffering from mass incarceration and its effect on their transition to freedom.

TCRC was founded by a returning citizen,  is staffed by returning citizens and others sensitive to the needs and requirements of this specific population.

If you are dedicated to these concepts….you need to be a part of TCRC…..

as a client, family member, community sponsor or corporate supporter!

Returning Citizens

TCRC has workshops, individual and group counseling sessions that are reality based and structured to help people see life clearly and respond to all obstacles in a rational constructive manner.  TCRC operates transitional housing programs to allow individuals who are in halfway houses to develop a home plan, get approved and move forward.

Children of Incarcerated Parents                                                              
 At Risk Youth / Adjudicated Youth

TCRC gives children of incarcerated the support, guidance, and problem-solving skills needed to cope with the challenges of life.  TCRC KIDZ – Drop In Center mentors and counsels children to help them succeed in school and stay safe.

KIMG0058TCRC is planning to expand it’s Kidz Drop In Center into the basement of the Historic 2nd Baptist Church of Nicetown, 3837 Germantown Ave and upgrade the kitchen area in order to provide nutritious meals for children.   This will enable TCRC to qualify for a food bank for the neighborhood and open a soup kitchen.

The children are also helped by TCRC’s programs for their parents, and TCRC workshops which teach that black people must take responsibility for their own lives.  These workshops teach parenting, family & community responsibility, ethics, time management, critical thinking and other useful skills.  Through  counseling, the workshop series and hard work, program participants are able to find jobs, access affordable housing and services so that they can provide for their children, raise them properly and contribute toward building a better community.

TCRC has completed the renovation of space at 704 West Girard Ave provided by The Friend’s Rehabilitation Program as incubation space for new programming Here TCRC will expand it’s program and provide training. A two week workshop series which encompasses soft skills that employers value will be offered. An additional computer lab is up and running to provide needed computer literacy and online job seeking skills.  From 9 am to 3 pm this space is available for adult program participants.

From 4 pm to 7 pm  daily an  Youth initiative will be offered for adjudicated and at-risk youth, ages 13 -17 . In the evening 7:30 -9:30 pm there will be additional group counseling , computer learning and workshops, seminars, and programs, for the ages 18-21


 TCRC is partnered with Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, as described in Goodwill’s fiduciary commitment document.