The mission of TCRC is to assist citizens returning from prison, both male and female, in their transition to freedom. This mission encompasses assisting persons who are ready for a life change to find employment, access to necessary services and safe, affordable housing.  TCRC was founded by a returning citizen, is staffed by returning citizens and those sensitive to the needs and requirements of this specific population.

TCRC is dedicated to helping returning citizens create success. TCRC operates transitional housing programs to allow individuals, who are in halfway houses to develop a home plan, get approved and move forward. TCRC has vibrant workshops, individual and group counseling sessions that are reality based and structured to help people see life clearly and respond to all obstacles in a rational constructive manner. The TCRC lifestyle involves embracing a culture of hard work, family responsibility, community based work, ethical behavior, and social consciousness. TCRC is not for everyone. It is for those who are dedicated to the idea of success.